Housing in Ostiglia
The project site is located in the area adjacent to the bank of the river Po in Ostiglia. A private road allows the access to eight new houses in line. The design strategy was to make the opposite side of the road as the main front where are located the spaces of daylight (dining-living room-kitchen). The architecture is made out of two volumes. The first one made out of bricks, the second one made out of white plaster that goes to mark the conjunction with the house beside. The facade on the front street is characterized by the presence of a hole that creates access to the apartments and a series of long windows that brings light into the study area and the master bedroom on the first floor. The facade on the front garden is summed up in a telescope generated by the steep pitch roof. This telescope glass offers sweeping views from the living area to the private garden adjacent to the bank of the Po. Inside the house's ground floor a kitchen connected with living-dining area, a bathroom, a study and a garage. On the first floor space is a double bedroom with wardrobe, a single room with terrace overlooking or indirect impact on the living area and a bathroom. The facade materials that have been used are red brick and plaster mounted using the system to coat ventilated to ensure effective energy savings.
site plan
river bank view
garden view
living room - kitchen
living room

placeOstiglia, Mantua, IT


clientMontagnini developer

project teamRudy Davi, Stefano Bizzarri

surface2650 sqm


statusnot built