Info point and museum set-up
The assignment involves the design of furniture / fittings to be placed inside the building called Ex School - Tourist Information Office, within the Pomposa museum complex.
An info-point area will be set up in the office area to accommodate tourists and give them information. The area will be furnished with an L-shaped counter. On the back of the counter there will be a piece of furniture to store documents. A wall display and a column display will be placed near the office area. All the furnishings will be custom made, using the MDF Valchromat material colored with two shades of color. A full-height MDF wall will delimit a room for an office station. The wall will have the possibility of being opened and closed depending on the need with a folding door system with a rotating door.
1 configuration for museum
The first configuration will be equipped with 7 display panels on wheels equipped with hooks to attach display panels. The layout of the 7 panels will configure a completely closed compartment in the center where the chairs used in the conference configuration will be stacked.
2 configuration for conferences
The second configuration will use the 48 chairs for the conference, and the 7 exhibitor panels will be positioned at the entrance of the hall as a clothes hanger thanks to a series of steel hangers of various sizes attached to the top of the panel.
museum layout
museum layout
museum layout
folding door-wall
folding door-wall
folding door-wall

palce:Pomposa IT

client:Municipality of Codigoro

architect:Rudy Davi

project team:Sara Taverna

contractor:Grafitech srl

date of commission:2018

date of construction:2018-2019

cost:42.750 euro


photography:Rudy Davi