Additional Info


  • category: lighting
  • award: selected OPENDESIGNITALIA 2012
  • designer: Rudy Davi
  • client: self-produced
  • exhibitions: Arredamente, Ferrara 2012 OpenDesignItalia, Venezia 2012 Mantovacreativa, Mantova 2013
  • photo: Matteo Cattabriga
  • year: 2012
  • text:

    Archita has the power to achieve a dialogue between the object of design and the user. Making a hard gesture to make working the lamp it forces the user to think more about the meaning of the simple act. Life is getting full of frenzy and we are losing the meaning of simple daily gestures. The intention is to make the user think more about the little things in life.

    Archita is made with a stainless steel white tube and it has four vertical cuts along the length of the tube to release light. The lightcomes from the base where there is a large and heavy mass that prevents the lamp from moving when the rope is pulled.A bronze piston sits in the tube and the user can determine the amount of light released by the lamp by pulling on the rope that is connected to the piston through a pulley located at the top of the tube. The results is a manual light modulator.