dare-architettura office Ferrara
since 2009

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“daring to dream....is living”  this is dare-architettura




...an architecture office based on the binomial daring-giving
Daring maintains the person alive. Giving satisfies the requirements of the client.
The proper union that cherishes the dreams that fulfill with coordinated and careful dialogue between architecture and client...





dare-architettura represents a team of different professional experiences carried out in Italy and abroad with the objective to give an architectural  product which doesn’t follow any trend but turns out loaed with an own identity where the architectural design goes even beyond the useful.


dare-architettura is specialized in:
architectural design  for private and public.
urban design.
interiors design and forniture design for commercial and private spaces.
sustainable design living.
building construction phases.
security plan during the design and buidling phases.



dare-architettura avales itself of a team made up of architects and engineers who are able to manage and lead a project from a preliminary design to the executive phase. The BIM (Building Information Model) design is also used.




2 Mac desktop - 1 Mac laptop - 1 NAS server - 1 color printer A3 - 1 multifunction printer A4 - 1 plotter A1 - 1 label writer - 1 bookbinder - 1 projector - 1 laser