Rudy Davi

(Ferrara 1978) he lives and works in Ferrara. He graduates in architecture at architectural University of Venice with a thesis subject about the project of the new studio of U2 band in Dublin.

After his study, he starts to work for few italian firms in Venice and in Ferrara. In 2005 he moves in Holland where he works for Snitker/Borst architecten and later for Dok architecten.

During his staying in Holland he starts some projects in Italy about public and private field and he takes part to several international competitions such as Europan 9 and 10 where he ranks between the five positions.

In 2009 he moves back to Italy and he estabilishes his own office in Ferrara |dare-architettura| where he leads architectural and design projects.
His design language brings to make objects where always emerg an union between shape and mecahanics.

In 2010 he takes part to the workshop “Designing the sustainability 4” leaded by the architect Martin Hass from Behnisch Architekten office. In the same year he wins the competition to take part to OpenDesignItalia event and he ranks 3rd to the competition Beeh Design Contest with the Pillar lamp.

In 2011 he takes part to the Fuorisalone in Milan and to the event OpenDesignItalia selected in Bologna.

In 2012 he gets invited to Habitat event in Ferrara to exhibit to the young designer section.
In the same year he wins the selection as the ten best designers in the Emilia Romagna region to take part to the second edition of OpenDesignItalia in Venice.

In 2013 he is one of the winners of Lexus Design Award with Klava lamp, he ranks 3rd to the exposition MeMe exposed at Ferrara where he shows some of his design objects and has been nomineted for the competition announcement committee for the quadrennium 2013-2017 at the architet professional association of Ferrara.

In 2014 he was awarded by Cino Zucchi getting an honorable mention for the contest "The ceramic and the design" as the second best Italian project realized with the use of ceramics for the institutional category.

In 2015 he is selected for the Barbara Cappochin award as the ten best architecture in the Veneto region.

In 2016 he wins the second prize in a german competition to build a new kindergarten with a sport hall in Stuttgart. In the same year he is selected to take part in the jury for the beauty commission in the Codigoro (Fe) city council.

In 2017 he has been called to make two workshops about product design and interior design in the school of art in Ferrara.

In 2018 he was appointed to partecipate in teh commission for the evalutation of the technical offer for the award of the restoration works of Villa Mensa, well limked to ferrara and entered to the beauty commission of the Municipality of Fiscaglia.

In 2019 he won the invitation-only tender for the construction of the new tourist info of the museum complex of the Pomposa abbey and later received the assignment to be part of the beauty commission of the Union of Municipality of Portomaggiore, Argenta and Ostellato.

In 2020 he won the competition for the redevelopment of the Bagni area and the construction of the new tourist port in Torri del Benaco on Garda lake, he won the competition for the expansion of Zevio cemetery and the tender for the renovation of the facade of the Municipality of Codigoro building. In the same year he received the assignment to be part of the beauty commission of the Mesola municipality.