14th December 2021

Bike parking Gorgonzola

dare-architettura was awarded second place in the competition for the design assignment for a new bicycle parking area at the Grogonzola (Mi) station. 


7th October 2021

Palazzo Balbo

dare-architettura started the restoration of the main facade of Palazzo Balbo, a historic listed building located in the historic center of Ferrara.


1st October 2021

Tartan - Town hall Codigoro

The energy recovery and redevelopment works of the façade of the Town Hall of Codigoro have been completed. The new part of the façade finds new vertical compositional lines dictated by new rhythms created by the bevels and by the new windows with cantilevered aluminum frames as well as retractable window frames and sun blinds...soon all the photos.


5th August 2021

Lovisetto house

...the project for the renovation and energy requalification at the historic Piangipane street in Ferrara is almoste done.


7th July 2021

CQAP Granarolo

Rudy Davi has been selected to serve the new beauty commission of the City Council of Granarolo in the province of Bologna.


25th March 2021

Codigoro's town Hall

...the redevelopment of the facade of the town hall of Codigoro is almost finished.

Municipio Codigoro lavori

1st March 2021

Palazzo Balbo

dare-architettura has completed the renovation of two apartments inside the historic building "Palazzo Balbo" located in via Borgo dei Leoni in Ferrara

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