18th December 2014

ANSELMO apartment at Mazzucchi-Bevilacqua palace

Is almost ready the apartment renovation at Mazzucchi-Bevilacqua palace in Ferrara. The project was also about designing most of the furnitures....soon all the photos.


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29th September 2014

Apartment renovation at Mazzucchi-Bevilacqua palace

dare-architettura got a new commision to renovate an apartment in the historic building Mazzucchi-Bevilacqua of Ferrara. 

Fabbri cantiere


6th September 2014

Galleria dell'Architettura - Cersaie

dare-architettura will present the project "La cornice contemporanea" at the exhibition of the winning projects of the national competitions "La Ceramica e il progetto." The exhibition will be held at the gallery architecture  21-22.

Motivation: We are in front to a project which focuses on the place of memory for excellence, a cemetery, through sculptural invention able to keep "distance", on one hand, between us and the place, and secondly, to sanctify a secular space. All obtained with a "minimalist" presence which remembers back to the great sculpture tradition  by Richard Serra, "softened", in our case, by using  ceramic , able to make less dramatic the "scene."

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11th June 2014

La Ceramica e il Progetto

dare-architettura has got the second price at the national competition "La Ceramica e il Progetto" promoted by Cersaie with the project "The contemporary frame". The selected design is about the cemetery expansion in the Castelmassa village. The entire project was designed using ceramic plates provided by Laminam company.

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14th April 2014

Caiazza Memorial Challange 2013

Rudy Davi took part to Promosedia International Design Competition. A contest opened for designers under 35 where the subject was to design a chair.

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18th March 2014

New building for the architet professional association of Ferrara

dare-architettura took part to the competition to riqualify the old building ex Mof into the new headquarters of architect professional association of Ferrara.

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esterno ex Mof

3rd February 2014

Otto lamp

Rudy Davi has created a new table lamp in which the mechanical object allows you to have several height adjustments of the light source.

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7th January 2014

Europan 12

dare-architettura took part to an under 40 years of age international competition called "Europan 12" where the subject was to requalify an old part of Copenghen in Denmark .

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5th January 2014

MeMe exposed

Rudy Davi ranked 3rd to the competition between the 27th italian designers of the MeMe exposed exhibition which took part at Mercato Coperto in Ferrara.

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