15th December 2009

Design competition to requalify Terme street of Abano Terme

dare-architettura ranked 5th

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8th December 2009

“rose” perfume shop

dare-architettura celebrates the opening of the interior perfume shop in Castelmassa (RO).

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30th November 2009

“That wall has to be pulled down” La NuovaFerrara

The NuovaFerrara newspaper publishes an article by Rudy Davi about a new idea for Massari park in Ferrara.

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19th October 2009

“rose” perfume shop

dare-architettura got a new commission to design an interior perfume shop in Castelmassa (RO)

26th September 2009

dare-architettura web site

.....is almost ready

15th June 2009

Villa “ZanGob“

The building process has started with the foundations and the structure.

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