3rd December 2013

MeMe exposed

Rudy Davi has been selected to show up some of his design furnitures to "meme" self-production event, which will happen in Ferrara at the covered market from 9th december 2013 to 6th january 2014.

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28th October 2013

Apartment renovation at Mazzucchi-Bevilacqua palace

... a renovation apartment has been started. The apartment is located at Strozzi-Mazzucchi palace, a building from the fourteenth century designed  by Biagio Rossetti architect placed in Ferrara.

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27th October 2013

Cemetery extension - Castelmassa

The building construction for the cemetry extension in Castelmassa is finished. The commission was to build the new entrance to the cemetery and its square; beside to build 60 new burial recess.

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11th October 2013

Competition announcement committee

Rudy Davi has been nomineted for the competition announcement committee for the quadrennium 2013-2017 at the architet professional association of Ferrara.

7th October 2013

Attic at Chinè palace - Ferrara

The building construction in order to renovate two apartments in Chinè palace in Ferrara is completed.
The renovation has envolved all palace attic from XV century.

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28th September 2013

Table 20M

Rudy Davi has finished a set of unique tables commissioned by Vulpinari - Federici accountants for their new office interior. 20mm thickness enclose all the structure.

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11th July 2013

New bathroom at palazzo Mazzucchi - Ferrara

The re-design of the new bathroom at the historic Mazzucchi palace is finished....

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2nd July 2013

Design for death - USA

The Rudy Davi proposal for “designfordeath” competition intend to let the people feel back the special sensation of the body scent. Standing into the new gravestone wrapped by the smell, should give the feeling of beeing embranced by our beloved ones.

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1st June 2013

Apartment renovation at palazzo Mazzucchi - Ferrara

The building construcion in order to renovte the corridor in Mazzucchi palace in Ferrara is finished....

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2013 06 01 palazzo mazzucchi

23rd May 2013

“mantovacreativa” - Mantova

Rudy Davi has been invited to take part to “mantovacreativa” cultural event. He will exhibit design objects at colonnade of San Francesco church - Politecnico of Milan, Mantova branch via Scarsellini 15.

26th April 2013

New bathroom at Mazzucchi Palace - Ferrara

dare-architettura got a new commission to re-design a new bathroom at the historic Mazzucchi Palace in Ferrara......demolition has started.

10th April 2013

Lexus Design Award - Permanente museum Milan

Rudy Davi has been awarded by Lexus during the Milan Design Week at Permanente museum.

The winning project has been the Klava lamp. In the jury and during the award ceremony was present Toyo Ito (Pritzker 2013) and Paola Antonelli (curator design at MOMA New York) Sam Hecht (designer) Junya Ishigami (designer).


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27th March 2013

Master plan near the city wall area - San Gimignano

dare-architettura, took part to the design ideas competition to design the new master plan of the area in the ovest side of the city wall and awarded 12th.

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24th March 2013


Rudy Davi has made an object with the aim to host weekly personal habits. Seven drawers are releted with each day of the week in order to allow the user to plan his/her week. The material are steel and wood.

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21st March 2013

Studi Aperti - Ferrara

dare-architettura, during STUDI APERTI event, will have an evening where will take place a presentation about  design forniture of self-production made by Rudy Davi. 

The event will take place on 21st march at via Saraceno 74, from 19 o’clock to 22 o’clock.



28th February 2013

Lexus Design Award - Tokyo

Rudy Davi is one of the ten award winners of the Lexus Design competition with a design of a lamp where motion and mecanichs are the subject. The award cerimony and the design presentation will be in Milan at Permanente museum from the 10th to 16th april during the Milan Design Week.

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30th January 2013

Apartment renovation to Mazzucchi palace - Ferrara

...the construction at Mazzucchi palace has been started in order tu convert a space inside an appartment into a private “library”, where the scenic design is leaded by the chains of the trusses that they will come out....

2nd January 2013

Extension cemetery - Castelmassa (RO)

...the building construction in order to build the new entrance and the new 60 burial niches of the cemetery in Castelmassa (RO) is almost done.